New Company Registration

  • Filing of necessary papers and obtaining PF registration code number for new establishment within prescribed time as per Act.
  • Form 5A (Return of ownership)
  • Form 9 (Revised)
  • Submission of Specimen Signature


  • Preparation & Submission of Monthly EPF Challan
  • Preparation & Submission of Monthly Returns Form -12A (Revised)
  • Preparation & submission of Monthly New Joining Form-5
  • Submission of Nomination Form-2
  • Maintaining P.F. Ledger
  • Maintaining P.F. Eligibility Register
  • Preparation of Form-3A and Form-6A
  • Submission of Yearly Returns(Soft and Hard copy)
  • Inspection & Complains with P.F. Department
  • Submission of EPF withdrawal and Transfer form
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EMPLOYEE State Insurance ACT (E.S.I.C)

New Company Registration

  • Filing of necessary papers and obtaining ESI registration code number for new establishment within prescribed time as per Act.
  • Online Registration of the employees
  • Online date entry of the Insured Persons on ESI web portal as per new amendment.
  • Scanning of Individual/Family Photographs and Signatures of the Insured person and uploading it for obtaining ESI Numbers.


  • Preparation of Monthly ESI Challan
  • Maintaining of E.S.I.C. Ragister
  • Filing of Nomination
  • Submission of Half Yearly Returns
  • Inspection under the Act Accident Register
  • Online Temporary Identity Card (TIC) Printing.
  • Obtaining Permanent Identity Card (PIC) from the ESI Branch office
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  • Leave with Wages
  • Register of Fine
  • Over time Master Roll
  • Health Register
  • Register for Advances
  • Register for report of examination of pressure Vessels
  • Submission of Half Yearly return
  • Submission of Annual Return
  • The payment of bonus act 1965
  • The payment of gratuity act 1972
  • The workmen's compensation act 1923
  • The minimum wages act 1948
  • Industrial Employment (Standing order) act 1946
  • The Industrial dispute act 1947



  • Obtained Factory License, Preparation of Salary Register (Computerized)
  • Accident and Dangerous Occurrence
  • Returns of Factory Act.
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Universal HR Corporate Services (Labour Law &  Management Consultants), headed by Sujit Kumar Sinha, has provided Employment Law (Industrial Relations) services to employers across all market segments and industries.

UHRCS is service-orientated and strives to provide its clients with professional and cost effective advice, both in respect of the applicable laws and of a practical nature in order to present holistic solutions to all Labour related matters.

Sujit Kumar Sinha combines expertise in his field, and an outstanding knowledge of Labour law principles and issues, with a superb ability to communicate and meet his clients’ unique needs.

Sujit Kumar Sinha has a unique insight into all aspects of workplace issues and is able him to assist his clients with the best possible advice from a legal and practical perspective.

C O N S U L T A N T   I N :

Buyer’s Compliance, Factory Registration, Shop & Commercial Establishment Registration, Labour Act , E.S.I. C. Act, E.P.F. Act. , Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act-1970, Bonus, Gratuity, Approval of Plans, S.S.I.  Registration , Pollution certificate, Pollution Act Registration under Environmental Protection Act , Explosive Act Registration , The Motor & Vehicle Act  Registration,  The  Disaster  Management  Act,,  The  CWC  Act  ,  Land  Acquisition, Act, Fire Certificate, Computerized Pay Roll and All matters of Labour Court.

We have a team of about 8 employees well versed & proficient to attend to these jobs.

We are in this field for last 20 years and are associated with a number of industries such as Public/Private Sector Undertakings,, Software and Mechanical Engineering, Electronics & I.T. Industries, Exports Houses, Hospitals/Nursing Homes, Builders & Developers, Pharmaceuticals, Hotels, etc., located in and around New Delhi & NCR.



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